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On-Site Face Fit Testing

When working with Hazardous Materials such as Asbestos, Lead, & Silica appropriate Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is essential. Most importantly you must ensure that the mask being used is not only the most appropriate but that it also fits correctly providing the highest possible protection possible.  Fit Testing is required to be undertaken:-

  1. Prior to a mask being issued - this ensures the correct mask is being used
  2. At least every 12 months or if something will affect the mask seal (e.g. Weight Gain, Facial Surgery)

Bramar Group is able to provide onsite fit testing using the quantitative method via a portacount respirator fit tester.

Upon completion we will issue you with a report confirming you have passed as well as the mask size and type that was used during the test.

We are able to supply a wide range of masks at a competitive price

When undertaking a Fit Test the following must be observed to save waiting times;

  Please DO NOT eat, smoke, chew gum or drink coffee for a minimum of 1 hour before the test.

  We require all candidates to be clean shaven at the time of testing

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