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Occupational Hygiene Services

Keeing your workers, clients & the general public safe is what Bramar Group is all about.

We have the knowledge, skills & experience to assist with your project from the Conception to Completion

Asbestos Services

Offering the full range of services
Air Monitoring & Clearances
Sampling & Identification

Hazardous Material Surveys & Registers
Exposure Risk Assessments

Review of SWMS, ARCP & Associated Documentation
RPE Fit Testing

Bio Hazards

Mould Remediation Plans
Testing & Assessments
Project Management

Water Testing

Gas & Vapour Monitoring

Occupational Hygiene

Management Plans

Baseline Monitoring

Air Quality

Physical Hazards
Ventilation, Lighting, Vibration, & Soud Assessments

Behavioural & Stress monitoring & Assessments


Building Assessments
Removal Plan Assessments
RPE Fit Testing

Contaminated Land

Site Assessments
Remediation Action Plans

Gas Monitoring

Asbestos in Soil - Testing, Classification & Monitoring

Rehabilitaion Panning


Project Specific & Tailored Asbestos Awareness